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Sonic the Hedgehog ranks among Mario and Pikachu as arguably one of the most easily recognizable video game characters in general, by hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and even some non-gamers. The Sonic franchise is one of Sega’s most enduring properties, living on despite the company failing to put out a gaming console to compete with Nintendo, its main rival. If you’re a fan of the Sonic games throughout the years, then you’re going to be spoiled with this lineup of online Sonic games that you can play for free! You can jump into the familiar running game in Sonic Extreme Run or you can have Sonic ride in a go kart, a motorcycle, or a jet ski. Don’t ask why Sonic has to ride in vehicles when he’s one of the fastest game characters in existence. These games at Manamonster also introduce crossover characters, like Mario and Bart Simpson. So choose your game now and leave everyone in the dust!

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