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Cats have now taken over the internet. It’s an undeniable truth that’s evidenced by the endless stream of cat pictures you encounter every time you go online. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. But if you do love them, you’re going to similarly love these free Warriors Cats games at Manamonster. And these aren’t your simple point-and-click games that a 3-year-old can easily play and breeze through, by the way. These Warriors Cats games have the word ‘strategy’ plastered all over their gameplay. Take control of your favorite feline hero and go out on adventures in a world that’s typically reserved for role-playing games. Level up your cats in the same way that you level up warriors equipped with swords and shields. They can’t don flashy-looking armor and badass-looking swords, but the cats certainly make up for it by looking cool and cute at the same time during combat.

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