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If you’re wondering why there are no games that involve a stick and a set of balls in these games, then that’s because you’re in the wrong category. This category of pool games is the more literal one and not the actual sport. Dive into both shallow and deep waters in these online pool games at Manamonster. Play as a blonde boy and collect coins and avoid unfriendly underwater creatures in Diving Dennis, while wearing an eyes protector that’s more like sunglasses than actual, uh, protectors. (Hey, it’s a game, so it naturally defies all logic.) Playing these games may remind you why you’re afraid of diving deep into waters, so be prepared to have a few bouts with anxiety or panic. Of course, you won’t be getting those a lot, thanks to the cartoony graphics and upbeat soundtrack. So feel free to dive into these games like you would with other games.

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