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Best played on a tall screen. The playing window stretches beyond the normal height so it's difficult to fit it all on my small laptop screen. Wish there was some music to go with it, otherwise it's quite boring. There are other games similar to it that are more exciting.

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Building games are exactly what their category suggests: games that allow you to build and connect things from scratch to create something. Depending on the theme of the game or the gameplay involved, these games can either be a puzzle game or simply a city building game, similar to the popular SimCity video game series. Fortunately for you, Manamonster has both types of games in this lineup of online games. Play the role of a hardworking beer keg plumber in More Beer and keep your customers satisfied by giving them access to, well, more beer, as the title implies. If you want to create a beautiful town for yourself a la SimCity-style, then try your hand in My Romantic Town and boast a gorgeous-looking paradise fit for lovers. These free games may not be as grand as large-scale city building games, but at least you get to build something out of your own imagination.

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